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What Does SiteBuilder Elite Do?
It builds multi-page complete ready-to-go websites for you virtually instantaneously.
What Features Does It Provide?
Quite a few - some automatic, some turned on and off at your discretion by ticking or
unticking boxes.
Automatic Features:
· Adsense adblocks are included as standard.
· SiteBuilder Elite automatically includes a Privacy Policy page and a Terms of Service
(TOS) page. Google loves these.
· Your site will have a Site Search page for your domain. Once Google starts crawling
your site, visitors will be able to use it to find what they’re looking for on your site.
You’ll get paid for clicks on any adsense ads that appear on the results page.
· Automatically includes Home, and Sitemap links in your navigation bar. Your sitemap
is created when you build your site.
· The SiteMap page on your website lists every page created, in alphabetical order so
visitors can find a particular page more easily. A sitemap.xml page is also created.
This xml sitemap can be submitted to Google without further modification.
· 25 links are randomly selected from your sitemap for inclusion in your navigation bar
each time a page is loaded
· Content from RSS feeds appears on all pages making each page dynamic
· Content from RSS feeds is related to the keyword for your page. If no content can be
found, content for your main keyword is displayed instead
· “Read more...” links that appear below RSS news items and on your (optional) Articles
page open stories in a new window. At the top of each window is a 768x90 Adsense
leaderboard ad that also contains your Adsense publisher ID - an extra opportunity for
more ad clicks.
· Randomized title and description metatags which always contain your page’s keyword

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Download Site Builder Elite 1.2

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