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the worst movie of the year has arrived ..............MEET THE SPARTANS ....i had liked the earlier one EPIC MOVIE but this
puts a shame on the whole process of spoof making is so bad tht it will actually give u a headache jus in the first 10 mins or so
i dont know whn will these guys understand tht by showin vommitting,farting ,and other gross things wont make up a good movie you have to back it up with some good witty jokes
nd funny circumstances .....i completely agree with shashank tht this movie made EPIC MOVIE & ALL THE OTHER SCARY MOVIES LOOK LIKE A MASTERPIECE ......i wll advice all the people not to watch the whole movie but jus to skip thru the funny scenes(which are very very few) as it is a real pain in the ass ......i m writing this review with such a rage ht i wanna choke the bloody director nd writers of this movie
RATINGS :0.1\10 (.1 fr the short lenght of the movie)

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