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Using Diskeeper 2008’s revolutionary InvisiTasking, automatic defragmentation operations now take place "on the fly", in real time, as fragmentation occurs.

Now you can defragment hard drive files without clumsy or long maintenance processes.

This means no performance lapses are ever caused by fragmentation related build-ups.
Diskeeper gives the user maximum system performance, speed and reliability at all times.
Computer reliability fragmentation is never an issue.

The innovative design allows Diskeeper 2008 to pinpoint frequently used files and speed access to them.
Other features include a file protection so you don’t need to defrag disk corrosion on critical files in the future.
Slow computer fragmentation of necessary files is completely stopped.

The program can enhance the file system performance on large enterprise sites with massive server traffic.

Diskeeper 2008 is the most intelligent real time defragmenter ever built. Automatic file system performance soars once this ground-breaking defragment software is installed.
1. Install Diskeeper,
2. Stop Diskeeper service "DkService.exe" ( Start menu, Run -> services.msc , right click on Diskeeper and stop!),
3. Copy from "Crack" folder the Diskeeper directory ( By default "C:\Program Files\Diskeeper Corporation\Diskeeper\" ),
4. Restart Diskeeper service ( Start menu, Run -> services.msc , right click on Diskeeper and START!!!!!
5. Restart computer.

This works on both Vista and XP

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Download Diskeeper 2008 ProPremier
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